Thought Leadership

Organizations hire me to help them demonstrate and promote their industry leadership or to fortify their position on important industry issues.  

Successfully helping them requires intimate knowledge of their industry, and the social, economic and technological forces shaping their business.  Over the course of more than 40 years, I’ve developed an understanding of many industries as well as several verticals within the financial services industry.  The tombstone announcements below highlight typical assignments.  


Executives and subject matter experts have rich opportunities to publish regular columns in national, trade and financial media outlets.

I help my clients forge agreements with these outlets, then work with them to develop editorial agendas, write their columns and work with the publisher to refine and promote the column.

Contributorships provide substantial benefits for executives and thought leaders: they publish when they want, with subject matter of their choosing, on a time frame they determine, and in most cases, retain the copyright.

I’ve negotiated contributor agreements for a wide range of media outlets from prestigious national outlets such as MarketWatch, Kiplinger and Forbes to “deep trades” including Cannabis Business Times and Dental Economics among others. 

Broadcast and Streaming Media Exposure

The emergence of live, streaming news from outlets that traditionally engaged in “print” only reporting has created and abundance of new opportunities. Now clients can earn traditional broadcast exposure on outlets such as CNBC or Bloomberg, as well as streaming exposure that rivals the reach of broadcast.

My clients enjoy exposure on all of these outlets because we keep them top of mind among producers and anchors with frequent market commentary, sometimes more than two times daily, sector rotation ideas, and access to reliable, insightful commentary when news breaking.

In other situations, we can forge closer partnerships with broadcast and streaming outlets. For a global investment bank, their annual growth conference offered a superb opportunity to partner with financial news broadcasters. Offering CNBC and Bloomberg the opportunity to cover the conference from a broadcast studio we provided on site paid off well for the client. Ultimately the company earned nearly $600,000 in media exposure over the three days of the conference. 

News Distribution

News and press releases play an important role in helping companies communicate with various audiences, and document important milestones.

A news release requires a brand of writing all its own, combining journalistic convention, salesmanship, strict adherence to facts and nothing but truth. Over the years I’ve helped clients announce new products, new personnel, new initiatives, earnings, mergers and acquisitions. In more than a few instances, I’ve helped clients issue news releases that they didn’t want to release, but were obligated to because of legal or regulatory constraints. 

Print Media Exposure

My guiding principle for generating exposure in print media rests with the frequency with which I “touch” the media on behalf of clients.  To do this, I analyze the flow in information that their business naturally generates, and work with them to convert it into news that is distributed to the media. In short, we convert our clients into trusted news bureaus.

In the case of several asset managers, I’ve helped them convert their internal analysis and client communications into market commentary that is distributed to the media daily.  

These daily touches reliably generate a steady stream of coverage and incoming, importantly, requests from reporters for other stories they are working in print as well as broadcast.

The slides below break up a typical weekly client report into what was delivered to the media, the opportunities they generated and the results for that week. 

The media outreach created and distributed to carefully curated media contacts on behalf of a client

The media interviews and related activities generated by the outreach
The results: The client appeared in top tier media more than a dozen times in a single week.


Ultimately, what we’re all looking for are results. When it comes to generating exposure in the media, I guarantee my clients results that matter.
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