Content Strategy

Coming up with relevant, crisp, constructive editorial on a consistent basis requires a strategy and a plan.  

I work with clients by studying their products, services, customer relationships, traffic and operational data.  From this, I can help them address three critical questions a successful content market strategy must answer: 

1) What should we be writing about?

2) What do our audiences want to hear from us? 

3) How can we consistently generate content, not for the next few months, but over the next several years?  

Editorial Development

This is the work product. The writing. The art is in the words, but the science is in recognizing and using content as intellectual property. Content as intellectual property means helping clients evolve from writing things and distributing them, to curating their expertise, and creating a library which they can draw on for a variety of initiatives, and for a prolonged period of time.


I’ve pioneered a specialty practice helping establishing my clients as contributors to a variety of media outlets. These contributor relationships have ranged from large, tier one outlets such as Forbes, MarketWatch and Kiplinger to trade outlets with highly focused audiences such as Business Ethics Magazine, XBRL News and Cannabis Business Times.

Media Exposure

Media coverage gets you and your content in front of a wider audience. Backed with media contacts developed over 40 years, and an understanding of the news business, I help my clients achieve greater reach and exposure in print and broadcast media.


How and what should my business communicate? What do my audiences want to hear from me? Why will or why won’t the media cover us? Once I’ve earned exposure what do I do with it? I offer advice based on not years, but decades of experience. Advice is easily found and it’s often free. But good advice is rarely found without the experience to back it up.

Do These Services Work?

It’s a fair question, because if the services don’t work, who cares what they are or how elegantly they are portrayed.  

But they do work.  The chart below, from a real assignment, shows the link between exposure and traffic on the client’s site.  And this traffic, ultimately, converts into new business.  The chart also shows that traffic is driven not just by media exposure, but when that exposure is repurposed and distributed over social media channels, and in direct communications with prospects.  

Media exposure doesn’t stop with the original media hit.  In many cases, that’s where the work begins.  What sets my work apart is working closely with clients to help them turn media exposure into new business.

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