Media Exposure By The Numbers

Since November 2010, I’ve sent out 12,471 queries to the media.  I know this because the software platform I use keeps track of them. That’s about 5 a day for a decade.  The learning comes not so much from what I’ve sent out, but rather from what comes back.  Based on the responses I get, and the buckets they fall into, here’s what seems to drive media interest: 1) Serendipity; 2) Consistency; 3) Brevity.

First, reporters often get back to me not about what I’m pitching, but about something else they are working on.  The query reminds them my client is a source.

Second, the serendipity factor leads to the conclusion that getting media exposure relies on consistent outreach. The more consistantly you are in front of journalists with relevant ideas, the more opportunity serendipity has to work its magic.

Third, in most cases, lengthy explanations about why something is newsworthy falls flat.  For instance CNBC producers seem to need just three bullet points to make their decision.  That’s it.

There’s more, and if you want to talk about it, contact me at [email protected] or 215.460.8149. 

David Evanson

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